Elect Megan Guido for Pullman City Council Ward 3

I’m running for city council because Pullman deserves proactive governance, inclusive leadership and a strong, welcoming community.


  • An inclusive community that works for everybody
  • Proactive governance
  • Communication and transparency
  • Diversity, equality and inclusiveness in government
  • Review of city codes and committees for modernization
  • Public safety
  • Affordable housing


  • 30 year resident of Pullman
  • 25 year career in public information and communications-marketing
  • Bachelor’s degree in Journalism & Master’s degree in Public Administration from Seattle University Institute of Public Service
  • Responsive and empathetic public servant
  • Collaborative and pragmatic leadership style

Send questions to meganguidoforcitycouncil@gmail.com and donations to PO Box 1278, Pullman, WA 99163


I have spent my entire career in service. At Pullman Regional Hospital, I worked more than 20 years to help ensure the ongoing delivery and access to quality healthcare for the region. As I began exploring new opportunities to serve the community and worked on Pullman 2040 initiatives, I realized my passion is to build a liveable, safe and healthy community that is progressing with the times.

I believe I can accomplish these goals and create a transparent and proactive city government by serving on our town’s city council. Our city’s top priorities should be anticipating social and economic changes coming to Pullman and proactively planning this next phase in our community’s growth. This takes inclusive, thoughtful leadership focused on modernizing codes and ordinances to keep pace with the world we live in today and to meet new challenges ahead. There’s a lot of work to do that requires service and experience, but I am ready to use my skills to serve Pullman! I appreciate your support and vote in the general election this August 2021.


Volunteer and/or make a donation and please vote in the General Election in August.

Send me an email at meganguidoforcitycouncil@gmail.com for more information or send a check to Megan Guido for Pullman City Council, PO Box 1278, Pullman, WA 99163.

Thank you!